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Mulching garden beds is one of the most beneficial practices gardeners can conduct for improving soil health, water retention and weed control.

Over millions of years, the natural forest environment has built up a thick humus layer of nutrient rich tree leaf litter and debris brimming with beneficial worms and micro-organisms.

All gardens benefit from the addition of mulch which will slowly breakdown into the soil and feed your garden.


  • Retains Soil Moisture

  • SAVES YOU TIME! By Reducing Weed Germination and Growth

  • Improves Soil Biology, Aeration, Fertility and Structure

  • Reduces the Likelihood of Accidental Tree Trunk Damage from Weed Eating

  • Insulates Soil, Protecting Roots from Extreme Summer and Winter Temperatures

  • Makes Garden Beds Look Uniform and Cared for

  • + TREE DOCTORS can provide you with organic mulch for your garden bed. Delivery is usually between 2-10 working days.
  • Please fill in the online order form and upload a quick sketch or photo with clear indication for the place to deliver.
  • Your garden will love you for it and you will save so much time not needing to do all that nasty weeding!
  • 2m3 (full truck) $160
  • Delivered within Wellington area from Mirimar, Seatoun, Hataitai, Northland Karori, Wadestown, Wilton, Ngaio, Khandallah, Johnsonville, to Churton Park.

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